Level I Stylists are highly trained, fully licensed with under four years experience on the floor.

Level II Stylists are experienced stylists, highly trained with over four years experience on the floor, and have completed further education to hone their skills.

Level III Stylists have over 8 years experience on the floor, are master colourists and have received national recognition for their skills.

Service Level I Price Level II Price Level III Price
Women’s Haircut $55 $65 $75+
Men’s Cut $35 $40 $47
Blow-dry/Style $35+ $40+ $45+
Updo (dependent on style) $75+ $80+ $90+
1” Root Touch Up $80 $80 $80
All Over Colour $90+ $90+ $90+
Organic Colour (Solid Colour) $100+ $100+ $100+
Partial Highlights $95+ $100+ $105+
Full Highlights $115+ $120+ $125+
Toner (with other colour service) +$20 +$20 +$20
Toner Touch Up $70+ $70+ $70+
Colour between highlights +$30 +$30 +$30
Balayage/Ombre $115+ $125+ $135+
Partial Babylights $100 $120 $130
Full Babylights $140 $150 $160
1” Global Lightener $100 $110 $120
Fashion Colour +$60 +$60 +$60

Hair Enhancement Services

Olaplex: This 2 step treatment allows you to go blonder and achieve greater transformation without compromising the integrity of your hair. This treatment is highly recommended with any lightening or colour change service. $40 *may vary depending on thickness and length of hair

Soloplex: For the client who wants to control frizz and increase the health of their hair, they can get the Olaplex treatment without a colour service. $65 *includes blow-dry

Kerastase Fusio-dose: A deep conditioning treatment that targets the cortex of the hair, providing long lasting results (usually 6 weeks). These treatments happen at the basin and help repair and add moisture to the hair, as well as provide insurance for longer lasting colour. $35 with other service or $60 for a treatment and blow-dry

Mask: A conditioning treatment that is designed to infuse moisture into the hair. There are many different types of masks that will combat a variety of hair concerns. This treatment happens at the basin after a shampoo service. $5

Hair Exfoliation: This service is great for swimmers, or those who find build-up on their hair. This exfoliating treatment will remove traces of chemicals, oils etc… that leave the hair feeling waxy. $5

KeraGreen Keratin Treatment: This long lasting treatment is a miracle for those who struggle with frizzy, unruly hair. Not only does it completely eliminate frizz, it cuts down on blow-dry time, restores the health of your hair, it is also compatible with colour services. This lasts for up to 6 months and is absolutely worth it! You must purchase the aftercare shampoo and conditioner in order to guarantee a long lasting result. $200+ *prices may vary depending on length and thickness of the hair.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Estimate by consultation only. Extension removals are 60$/hr.

*Note: colours fade, toner wears off, hair grows, ends split, treatments wear off… if for any reason you are dissatisfied with a service, we must hear from you within seven days in order to properly address the concerns.